How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes and Suede Shoes At Home Diy

All of us must be aware of Suede and Faux Suede shoes. They look pretty cool on denim and narrow pants. However, the first thing that comes in our mind is, How to clean Faux Suede Shoes and Genuine Suede Shoes at home.

Well, cleaning and maintaining Faux Suede and Suede Leather shoes is a bit difficult task but we will provide some tips & tricks that will allow you to clean suede leather shoes easily at home with the help of household products and DIY.

Read this complete guide on Faux Suede Shoes and Genuine Suede Leather Shoes.

What is Faux Suede Shoes

Faux Suede Shoes are basically made from fabric and are the best alternative to Suede Leather shoes. The faux suede is a look-alike of suede shoes and they are water repellent and cost-friendly as well.

These shoes are ideal for Vegan and animal lovers as the construction of these shoes does not harm any animal.

Moreover, the best part of faux suede shoes is that they are easy to clean even with a wet cloth or water-based solution.

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What is Suede Leather Shoes

Suede is actually a type of leather that is basically under finished and soft which is made from animal hide and earlier it was used for the construction of the hand gloves.

Nowadays, Suede leather shoes are quite common and trending in fashion. However, they require extra care and maintenance to improve the longevity of the shoes.

Below, we will provide the information on how you can clean faux suede and suede shoes at home with DIY tricks and household products.

How to clean faux suede shoes at home

Though it is quite easy to clean and maintain faux suede shoes as compared to suede shoes. However, we will provide you some useful tips that will allow you to clean your faux suede boots at home with ease.

Use Makeup Remover Wipes

I know you got surprised by the heading, but believe me, makeup wipes are no less than magic when it comes to clean dirty faux suede shoes.

I will provide you some steps below which will help you to take off the dirt and oil from your faux suede shoes and other footwear.

  • First of all, use normal tissue paper to wipe off all the dirt, black marks, stains, and oil marks.
  • Rub the tissue paper on the toe area and both sides of the shoes.
  • Now, it’s the turn of makeup remover wipes.
  • Do use chemical and perfume free makeup remover wipes.
  • Rub the makeup remover wipes on the toe area, dual sides, and near the ankle area.
  • Let them air dry in your room and then see the results.

Use Household Cleaner

Yes, you saw the right heading. A household cleaner can be pretty handy when it comes to removing oil marks and black stains from faux suede shoes.

Follow each and every step which is mentioned below to remove the oil, pen, and black marks from the faux suede shoes.

  • You will need the following items. A carpet cleaner, toothbrush, water, and paper towel.
  • Spray a little amount of carpet cleaner on the affected dirt area.
  • Then, rub the toothbrush gently on the affected area in a circular motion.
  • Dip the toothbrush in water and then apply it to the dirty area.
  • After that clean them with tissue paper and let them dry to see the results.
Use Carpet Cleaner
Use Carpet Cleaner

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Things to take care of while cleaning faux suede

The author himself uses the above ways for cleaning faux suede loafers and shoes. However, you need to take some precautions for which we have made a checklist below.

  • First of all, read the washing instructions label of the shoes.
  • Do not apply or spray carpet cleaner directly on the shoes.
  • Use them on a piece of fabric and check whether they create any negative effect on the shoes.
  • Do use natural makeup remover wipes that are perfume and chemical-free.

How to clean dirty Suede shoes DIY and Household Products

Suede leather shoes are expensive and it requires some extra care because they got dirty easily as well as they are not water repellant too.

Below we will provide you some details on how you can clean dirty suede shoes at home with household products and DIY tips and tricks.

DIY Tricks To Clean Scuffed Suede Leather Shoes

  • You need the following items. Newspapers, A suede brush, eraser.
  • First of all, fill the shoes with newspapers so that your shoes won’t lose their shape.
  • If the shoes are less dirty then gently rub them with a suede brush.
  • For removing tough stains, use an eraser and rub it gently on the dark spots.
  • Then, rub them again with a suede brush.
  • After that, you can even apply the following boot protector.
Use Suede Brush
Always Use Suede Brush

Clean With Household Products

Yes, we will provide you some steps on how to clean suede shoes with household products.

  • Take a bowl of water and dip the brush in it for few seconds.
  • Then apply the brush on the scuffed and dirty marks.
  • Keep a sponge with yourself to absorb the excessive water.
  • Now, rub an eraser on the affected area.
  • Let them air dry and see the results.

Note: Water is harmful to genuine suede leather shoes and the above method requires mild water only. So, follow the above step carefully.

Clean With White Vinegar

Yes, it is possible to clean the suede shoes with vinegar. We will provide you some tricks on how to clean suede shoes with vinegar.

  • First, rub the suede brush in one direction to remove all the dirt from the shoes.
  • Then you need to rub the brush back and forth quickly.
  • Now, you need a white clean cloth and dip it into white vinegar.
  • Apply the dipped cloth on the scuffed area and dirty spots.
  • This is a time taking process and see the results after an hour.

How To Remove Oil Stains from Suede Shoes

One of the most difficult tasks is to get remove oil stains from Suede Shoes. However, nothing is impossible in this world and we will provide you tips on how to remove stains from suede shoes.

  • First, you need to stuff the shoes with old newspapers so that they won’t lose their shape.
  • Use a suede brush over the dirt area and rub it in the fabric direction.
  • Now apply a suede eraser to the oil stains and then rub the suede brush over them.
  • Now, remove all the newspapers and see the results.

Things To Take Care of While Cleaning Suede Leather Shoes

Here is the checklist which you need to follow and take care of during cleaning your Suede Leather Shoes.

  • The first step should be stuffing your suede boots with old newspapers so that they won’t lose their shape.
  • Never clean your suede shoes and loafer with water. However, you can use mild water by using a clean cloth.
  • Never dry out your suede shoes in the direct heat of the sun after cleaning.
  • Always use a genuine suede brush instead of a toothbrush or any other brush.
  • Moreover, always use white cloth for cleaning because color cloth may leave their marks on shoes.
  • Rub the suede brush gently onto the affected area in fabric direction only.

How to improve the longevity of Suede shoes?

However, Suede shoes are delicate footwear that requires some extra precautions for improving their life span. Follow the do’s and don’t which we have provided below.


  • If your suede shoes got wet or soaked in water, immediately apply talcum powder to them to absorb the moisture from the shoes.
  • Always clean the dirt from them by using a suede brush only.
  • Moreover, you can use a suede eraser or even a pencil eraser for removing oil marks.
  • If you want to restore them like new shoes use aerosol-based suede dye instead of regular shoe polish.
  • Always dry your suede leather shoes in the air at room temperature only.


  • Do not get your suede shoes polished and cleaned from cobbler or boot polishing man.
  • Never put your shoes in the enclosed area like cupboard etc. because these shoes require proper ventilation.
  • Don’t expose them too much to the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Never take the risk to wear them in rainy weather.
  • Never apply regular polish on it.
Never Apply Regular Shoe Polish
Do Not Apply Regular Shoe Polish

Pros & Cons Of Faux Suede Shoes

There are both advantages and disadvantages of Faux Suede Shoes which we have discussed in the table below.

1. No animals are harmed during the processing of faux suede shoes.1. They are not durable as suede leather shoes.
2. They are super cheap and easy to clean.2. They are made from synthetic fabric which is not breathable.
3. These shoes are water repellant too.3. The texture is not up to the mark as genuine suede shoes.

Pros & Cons Of Suede Leather Shoes

Moreover, everything in this world has certain advantages and disadvantages and that is the same in the case of Suede leather shoes. You will see some pros and cons of Suede Leather Boots below.

1. They are made from durable leather.1. These require extra care and precautions.
2. The finishing and texture of suede leather shoes are amazing.2. It is difficult to clean them.
3. It is perfect to wear on an indoor formal occasions.3. These shoes are not fit for tight budget people.

Comparison of Faux Suede & Suede Shoes

However, we have provided information on how to clean faux suede shoes and genuine suede shoes and now it is the time to compare both of them.

Faux SuedeGenuine Suede
1. They are cheap and best for a tight budget.1. They are expensive.
2. It is very easy to clean and maintain them.2. It is quite difficult to clean and maintain them.
3. The polyester material is not very durable.3. The material used in these shoes is durable.
4. They are not breathable.4. These are breathable.
5. They are best for outdoor even during light rain.5. The leather can be harm by water and rain.
6. The texture of these shoes are not up to the mark.6. The texture of these shoes is impressive and looks premium.

Which One You Should Buy?

The answer to this question is totally depends on many circumstances and only you are able to find the right answer for yourself. However, we will still give you an idea so that you can decide which one you should buy.

  • If you have a low and tight budget then faux suede shoes are for you.
  • If you spend your time outdoors then you do not need to spend your penny on expensive suede shoes.
  • However, if the budget is not the issue, as well as, you are ok with leather products then suede is the best for you.
  • Moreover, you have to go and meet classy people on formal occasion then opt for genuine suede leather shoes.

About The Post

Here in this post, we have provided some useful steps on how to clean faux suede shoes and suede shoes at home by using household items and DIY tips and tricks.

Moreover, we have also provided the details of cleaning precautions and the comparison and difference between faux suede shoes and genuine suede shoes.

Hey there! All these cleaning hacks are tested by the author on his shoes. However, we will not warranty that these tricks works perfectly fine with your shoes. So, try them on your own risk.

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