Best Running Shoes Under 1000 Rupees In India

Are you searching for the best running shoes under 1000 rupees in India and wanted to make your morning walk or running comfortable on a low budget? Here are the details of the best sports shoes that are available in under 1000 rupees price range.

We will provide you the details of both men’s and women’s running shoes under 1000 in this post. Read all the details about them to find the perfect one for your feet.

Best Sports Shoes For Men Under 1000

Here are some of the best sports shoes under 1000 that can surely make a space in your shoe rack for an early morning walk and running. Below are some of the best running shoes under 1000 rupees that are available for men and boys.

#1 Lotto Men Vertigo

Lotto Men Vertigo is a running shoe that is available for under 1000 rupees. This shoe has a synthetic sole and lace-up is used for the closure of the shoes. Lotto uses Italian style for the manufacturing of their sports shoes as well as they are providing their service in over 100 countries.

These shoes are highly recommended by the athletes to a beginner who wanted to try their legs on track. Moreover, these can also be worn with casual clothes as well.

These sports shoes will help you to get engage in outdoor activities because they are so lightweight and comfortable that you won’t wanna miss out on your morning running sessions.

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#2 Bourge Men’s Vega-6 Running Shoes

Bourge Men’s Vega-6 Running Shoes uses mesh for the outer material of the shoe and slip-on is used for closure. The durability and innovative design make it a perfect running shoe to be purchased for under 1000 rupees.

The finishing of the shoes is amazing and the edges of the shoe look good and premium. Moreover, the insoles of the shoes are soft which gives you a feel of walking on a foam surface.

Anyone who is looking for a slip-on shoe that has flexibility and durability in a low price range can surely buy these shoes for themselves and enjoy their fitness sessions.

#3 ASIAN Century-12 Running Shoes for Men

ASIAN Century-12 is a perfect shoe for men to do the walking, running, and jogging. The upper material of this shoe is made of breathable fabric that is easy to wash and can be perfect for the summer, rainy, and winter seasons.

After stepping in the shoes the EVA sole will make every stride of your running so comfortable that you would definitely love to do long-running. For closure, laces are used to tighten the shoe and you would love to enjoy every sport with the help of this product.

Those who are looking for the comfort of the branded shoes at a cheap price can try these shoes. Moreover, this product is also recommended by great athletes as well.

#4 Campus Men’s Oxyfit Running Shoes

Another Slip-on Shoe for running is Campus Men’s Oxyfit Running Shoes that also uses Mesh material for proper ventilation. The cushioning of the shoe will boost every stride while running and sprinting.

The sole of the shoes is made up of rubber and modified for providing more comfort to the runner. The featherweight design of the shoe will help you to run faster without even hurting for knees and heels.

This shoe is best for those who wanted to do a morning walk without using socks and still want all the comfort that comes with the top branded shoes. Moreover, you can use this shoe on a daily basis for medium distance running.

#5 Sparx Men’s Running Shoes

Sparx Men’s Running Shoes are another best running shoes for men that use rubberized EVA sole for adding extra comfort to every foot-stride. This is also a slip-on shoe that holds the feet of the runner firmly while doing running, walking, and jogging.

The look and design of this product are like top branded shoes which makes it a value for money product. Sparx is one of the best footwear brands and their product is always up to the mark from the beginning.

If someone who is looking for the best sports shoes under 1000 rupees from a reputed footwear brand can surely have a look into these shoes and can enjoy their running and jogging.

#6 Lancer Men’s Running Shoes

Lancer Men’s Running Shoes is another perfect shoe to wear under 1000 rupees. The shoe uses Mesh for breathability and the sole holds the ground strongly while running on every terrain. To add more comfort, the shoe uses a removable sock liner so that you won’t feel any discomfort while workout.

Moreover, the shoes have a wide toe box for giving your feet extra freedom to spread and relax so that your feet experience breathability and comfort during long fitness sessions.

Those runners who have wide feet and don’t want their feet to be squeeze while running can find these pair of shoes perfect for them. Moreover, these shoes can be perfect if you do running on pavements and hard surfaces.

Best Sports Shoes For Women Under 1000

Below you will see Top Running Shoes For Women and Girls that are available under 1000 rupees. Check out the details of each shoe to find the right purchase for yourself.

#1 Sparx Women SL-88 Sports Shoes

Sparx Women SL-88 Sports Shoes are one of the best running shoes for women that have an EVA sole which gives premium comfort as well as stability while doing jogging, walking, and running. The laces are used to tie up the shoe so that it can hold the feet firmly.

The shoes fit really well for both the thin and wide feet runners. Mesh Material will allow breathability throughout the running and fitness sessions. This is a multipurpose shoe that looks good along with casual clothing as well.

Ladies who feel congestion in most of the other sports shoes can try these shoes because it delivers proper comfort to both the feet of the runners.

#2 Bourge Women’s Micam-102 Running Shoes

Bourge Women’s Micam-102 Running Shoes is a lovely shoe for ladies to do the walking, jogging, and running. This is a slip-on shoe that fits properly and holds the feet while doing workouts. Moreover, the sole of the shoes is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that makes it a perfect and comfortable pair to wear for running and jogging.

Those ladies who are looking for stylish and comfortable shoes for short-distance running and walking can definitely love these shoes. The shoes are lightweight, flexible, and durable for multiple sports activities.

#3 Flavia Women’s Running Shoes

Another best running shoes for ladies is Flavia Women’s Running Shoes that have flat heels which provide a better position to the feet during running and walking. The outer material of the shoes is made of cotton that is very easy to wash as well as breathable during running.

The laces are provided for closure and the shoes are very lightweight so that there will be no chances of stress on the feet during long-running or walking. The design of the shoes is cool and classy that will look good on your fitness apparel.

Those ladies who are looking for cheap and best running shoes will definitely give a try to these shoes. The comfort level of these shoes is up to the mark and there will be no chances of shoe bites as well.

#4 Action Women’s Running Shoes

ACTION Women’s Running Shoes is a wonderful product for ladies and girls in which they will feel comfortable during the morning walks and running. The standards set by the Action is high from the beginning and this product comes in multiple designs so that you have various varieties to choose from.

The flat heels and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole makes it more comfortable for running on various surfaces. The shoes won’t squeeze your feet after stepping in and your fitness journey will remain smooth and amazing.

This product is meant for those ladies and women who want to deliver their best performance in running with the low price shoes.

#5 Campus Women’s Perry (L) Running Shoes

Campus Women’s Perry (L) Running Shoes is good product for women that uses Mesh Material, flat heels, and laces for closure. The best thing about these shoes is that they provide comfort to the feet and less shock onto the knees and heels during jogging and walking.

The finishing of the shoes is excellent and the Campus trademark on the side of the shoes looks impressive while running. Moreover, the sole of the shoe absorbs excess pressure as well as provide great stability during running.

Those ladies who are looking for the best sports shoes under 1000 in good quality and can also wear them throughout the day without ended up tiring the legs can go for this product.

#6 Power Women’s Speed Running Shoes

Power Women’s Speed Running Shoes is undoubtedly a perfect sports shoe for ladies that will help them to deliver more power in running or any other fitness workout. The black and pink texture of the shoe looks quite impressive and the logo on the side of the shoes gives a unique look.

The sole of the shoe looks like Zig-Zag and rugged that gives a perfect grip on every surface. The finishing of the shoes has been done with thread and glue and pink laces have been given for the closure of the shoes.

Our Top 2 Picks For Men

No doubt all the running shoes published above are best for Men but after reviewing the product in detail we have picked up the top 2 best shoes for men.

  • Lotto Men Vertigo
  • Sparx Men’s Running Shoes

Our Top 2 Picks For Women

All the products listed above in the Women category are best but still, we have provided our opinion and picked up 2 sports shoes that can be best for ladies for running and walking.

  • Action Women’s Running Shoes
  • Power Women’s Speed Running Shoes

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This post is based on the best running shoes under 1000 rupees in India that can be proved as a perfect shoe for entry-level athletes and runners. Moreover, we have divided the running shoe category into two parts by giving information about Best Sports Shoes for Men and Women.

This post will surely help both the Men and Women to find the right sports shoe for running under 1000 rupees. Moreover, all the running shoes for ladies and boys are multipurpose shoes that can be used to play many sports as well as can be used for morning walks as well.

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